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DANIYAL CONSULTANTS was established in 2010, as an independent organization, for the promotion of international education with special emphasis on student counselling and consultancy services. Its basic objective is to provide a formal and authorised linking bridge between international education enterprises, national institutions and the students planning to study abroad. In order to achieve this objective we operate as a full-time Education Counseling Service. Our primary goal is to ensure that students planning to study abroad are given professional advice and the basic information about the various requirements in a systematic manner before processing their applications for admission. This precoaching helps the student to have a clear mind in choosing a course and the proper institution for study.

To support and coordinate education promotions, we hold seminars and exhibitions on regular basis whereby needs and visions of our clients are assessed in a well-managed and quality assured manner for realisation of full scope objectives. Education worldwide faces the challenge of changing demands and opportunities. The increasing movement of student mobility seeking international qualifications of repute is being accepted in the global market. A student equipped with quality education has the capability to face the challenges of this modern technology oriented world with courage and positive mind; this is what the world of today’s need and is the primary objective of Daniyal Consultants.

Accurate planning plays key role in career development of the students. They must have access to a professional channel of communications in order to choose and plan their education and career requirements wisely and implement decision about their future in a well-planned manner to ensure value of their time and parents investment. Daniyal Consultants; being a dynamic and successful organization, identify these long-term educational issues and assess their impacts on the future goals of the students.

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Our Vision

Daniyal Consultants (DC) came in to being with the aim of helping Pakistani Students to gain access to career programmes in the UK, Australia, Canada, China and Schengen Countries. We are enjoying good reputation due to the best professional team attached with us which cares the future of Students and ensure them that they are applying for admission to the educational Institutions that best fits their profile.

 why us,

Why us?

We as education consultants try our best to provide the high quality services to the students seeking admissions abroad in foreign institutions. We arrange meetings with the students; discuss with them in detail and provides professional assistance and help to enable students make the right choices with regard to courses selection and education institutions abroad.

Though we face difficulties in arranging admission and stamping visas for the students yet with the help of our competent and devoted professional team we overcome these problems. The team work makes our job easy in minimizing the difficulties often associated with documentation and the visa application process. This makes Daniyal Consultants as the most prestigious name of valuable trust in foreign education services and consultancy in Pakistan and is a symbol of quality services and trust in student community and the general public.

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Tauseef Ur Rahman - CEO


"We ensure that students are equipped to cope with change to acquire the correct skills and knowledge so that they have continued learning and observation skills throughout their lives and develop positive attitudes leading to high standards of perfection and excellence. Therefore we strongly advise our students to consult the available education reference material, interact with acknowledged resource centers and professionals, who have already studied or lived abroad."

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Asad Shah - Manager International Admissions


"Since our start in 2010, We received a very positive response both by the student community and the foreign institutions. At present Daniyal Consultants Overseas Education / Immigration Pakistan is the official representative of a number of prestigious foreign universities and colleges because of our good reputation for encouraging students to study abroad. We work closely with many of the foreign institutions in England, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, China, Malaysia, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania and many others in the list. Being the official representative; we arrange admissions for the Pakistani students in the above mentioned countries in all educational fields, such as, medicines, engineering, business managements, information technology, English language etc. for degree, diploma and certificates courses."

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Our Educational Placement Services

After identifying the inner abilities and tendencies of the students; Daniyal Consultants guide them to choose courses that perfectly fit to their future career. These courses range from English Language, Technical & Vocational education, Hotel Management courses, Certificate & Diploma courses, Bachelors, and Masters Degree programs in Arts and Science Subjects including IT, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicines. We as Educational Consultants then find suitable Universities, Colleges and Institutes that have the best programme for the required career path of the students. It is to be noted that the Colleges/ Universities/institutions we represent include Government, Private & Independent High Schools, Technical Education, Community Colleges, Universities and Language Centers in UK, Canada, Australia, Cyprus and Malaysia.

Many of the institutes require English as an academic requirement. Daniyal Consultants help students to improve their English skills so that they face no problem after getting admission in institutions abroad. Once we find a suitable institute for the desired course, then we as Educational Consultants provide our “Educational placement services” to the students that further prepare them mentally and physically for their future take up.

These “Education placement Services” includes:

Information of the Colleges/ Universities /institutions for different programmes, accomodation facilities, fees structure, payment procedures and various terms and conditions for enrolment. Our experts also provide guidance to students for filling admission applications ensuring compliance with admission requirements of the concerned institute. Once we finish with visa stamping Daniyal Consultants guide the student in arranging air ticket and if requested, airport pick up and accomodation arrangement for the student are also facilitated in advance.

Daniyal Consultants also arrange different Seminars that facilitate students for interviews, visa application services, guidance to access to a comprehensive collection of educational directories, brochures, institution handbook, video & CD- ROM facilities providing information on more than 100 overseas intuitions.