DANIYAL CONSULTANTS was established in 2010, as an independent organization, for the promotion of international education with special emphasis on student counselling and consultancy services. Its basic objective is to provide a formal and authorised linking bridge between international education enterprises, national institutions and the students planning to study abroad. In order to achieve this objective we operate as a full-time Education Counseling Service. Our primary goal is to ensure that students planning to study abroad are given professional advice and the basic information about the various requirements in a systematic manner before processing their applications for admission. This precoaching helps the student to have a clear mind in choosing a course and the proper institution for study.

Our Services

Service is the thing through which one can easily know about an organization standards and it's values.Following are the list of services under our experties and for which DANIYAL CONSULTANTS is best known for....


Visa File Processing

We gather and organize the required documents which are needed to apply for visa to any country in the world. Know about the basic requirements for your study visa, visit Visa and immigration visa and time they take. View More Details..

Foreign Education Consultancy

We select a suitable study program for you in the best colleges and universities of the world with affordable cost. Let our professionals guide you to take a better decision for your better future. View More Details..

Language Courses

Language Courses IELTS, TOEFL, German or French are some of the top courses demanded by foreign countries for study, visit or immigration purpose. Daniyal Consultants offers the above courses for those who want excellence and proficiency. View More Details..

Holiday Packages

Planning Holidays is a difficult task as many of us don't know where to go and where not to go (especially when going with family). Let DANIYAL CONSULTANTS arrange your tour, book hotels, arrange shows so you can enjoy your vacations worry free.View More Details..

Scholarship Opportunities

Daniyal Consultants is well known for providing its best services to brilliant students who achievied excellent grades in their studies. Let us give you the scholarship opportunities to study and live abroad free of cost and get a worldclass edcuation. View More Details..

Travel Insurances

Be safe while travel. DANIYAL CONSULTANTS is a registered agent of United Insurance Company of Pakistan and provides any kind of insurance coverage for the safety of yourself and your family. View More Details..


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If you want to study in USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Hungary, Sweden or any other country abroad you need to have a study visa for that country. Read More...

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If you want to visit your friends, family in foreign country or want to go on tours, first you need to get permission to enter, stay in that country. Read More...

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If you want to immigrate to foreign countries like Australia, Ireland, USA, and Holland for work, to live permanently in foreign countries. Read More...

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Daniyal Consultants offers IELTS, German and Chinese Language Classes for its students who want to study abroad or want to learn it as a second language.

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